Thursday, April 19, 2012

Painting the Nursery!

I am so excited for this little one!  I couldn't resist painting already!
I got this idea from Pinterest and Josh's cousin did something similar.  I want to keep the nursery light and welcoming, and to do this, I had to make this red wall white.  The other three walls are gray-perfect-but the red didn't fit my plans.


So to start off, I drew up a plan for all the stripes (E=eggshell and G=gloss).
We just went to Lowe's and they were able to help us out to decide on the sheens of paint.
I used all one color, half of the stripes were eggshell, and the other half were gloss.

But that red needed primed!
This is after one coat of primer.  Ultimately, I did two coats.

After the primer, I painted to whole wall with the gloss finish.

Then let everything dry.  As soon as it dried up (and as soon as I couldn't be patient anymore), I taped off where the stripes of eggshell finish would be.  The little bits of tape reminded me which stripes stayed glossy.

After all of the eggshell stripes were painted, I peeled the tape off, starting with the stripes I painted first.  This gave them just enough time that it wouldn't be messy, but if you leave the tape on until the stripes are dry, you run the risk of peeling up the edges of the newly painted stripes.

*The weird angles are to show the different sheens*

I am sooo happy with how this turned out!  Just subtle enough to not be chaotic, but it adds interest that I love!

 And my next project after painting the wall:

I am so excited to be slowly but surely getting the nursery put together!  My plan is to have most of the gender neutral elements in place by the time we find out if the babe is a he or she.  That gives us about five weeks!  That way, we can do all the fun color splashes and finish up the odds and ends in time for the birthday!  

I am so thankful that we have the resources to bring our little one into a loving, safe, and warm home.
Who knew that parents would worry about that?  Something I have never felt in my life, but a sure sign my maternal instincts are developing!

So does anybody have any good suggestions of what else we can be collecting/preparing now?  Help me out all you mom's!

I hope you all have a fabulous end of the week!  I will be back later to show you some other ideas I have stewing for the nursery:]



Savanah Jo said...

Looks so cute Meg! I just love browsing your blog posts. You will be such a great mommy. I kind of did the same thing and we started getting things like the bassinet, crib, changing table, rocking chair etc. Something really fun to collect for me was children's books! I have a little library started for my baby girl already! Congrats again!

Megan@ Meg's Craft Creations said...

We want to start getting books here and there too! Where do you find most of yours? I think it's about time we meet little baby coon! She will be beautiful!

Savanah Jo said...

I found TONS at the D.I. for amazing prices! I also got a lot of books from my mom that I had when I was little. Thank you very much. We are so excited!