Friday, May 18, 2012

Nursery Bookshelves!

Remember these beauties?

I happen to have a really handy dad, the kind that can tackle anything.  He is also the kind that would help someone out just to help.  My super awesome, handy, helpful dad helped me create those shelves!

Here is how it started:
-I knew that I wanted my shelves to be longer than the ones found above, those ones are 27" long, so we went with 3'.
-My dad cut the pieces of wood down to 3' each, then we figured out where we wanted them placed.  The shelves from the blog linked above were partially glued together,  but my dad suggested we use screws exclusively, he was the brains of this operation so we went with it!  Because of this, we had to slightly rearrange the pieces of wood and how they would stack.

Above you can see my little drawing of the board measurements and how they were screwed together in a cross section of a shelf.

When they were all put together, I Josh sanded them for me (thanks honey!), he is a pro at sanding.  Then we took them home to paint.

 Since spray paint is a pregnancy no-no, I used some leftover glossy paint from the white wall I painted a few weeks ago.

As soon as those puppies were dry, we hung them up and no more than five minutes later, I had put our collection of books up!

I love love LOVE how they turned out!
My dad was so helpful with this and I could not have done it without him! Thanks dad!

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments and I will do my best to answer:)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend, we are off to Utah!

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