Thursday, June 28, 2012

23 Weeks

How far along?:23 Weeks:)
Weight gain/loss: 7lbs.+
Symptoms: I have felt pretty darn good lately, I have had some round ligament pain, Braxton Hick's, and a backache...but feeling good!
Maternity clothes?:  Notice my poor shirt in the picture above, pretty sure that is one of the last times I will wear that one, along with many other "normal" shirts until after delivery!
How is the sleep?:  Wonderful! 
Best moment this week?:  Our trip to Montana! Hearing Little S's heartbeat and feeling her strong kicks and hiccups!
Told family and friends?:  Yes
Miss anything?:  Not much!  Feeling so lucky for our little girl!
Any movement?:  Lots and lots! My mom and sister Abi both felt kicks for the first time!  And I felt hiccups for the first time.  The other night I was laying down feeling around trying to get her to move, and noticed that to one side of my belly button, there was a really hard lump, her HEAD!  So fun to be able to feel her in there when she's not moving!
Cravings?:  Taco salad, cinnamon rolls, and pineapple again!
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Being hungry, go figure.
Have you started to show yet?:  Yes
Gender:  Sweet baby GIRL!
Any labor signs?:  Some Braxton Hick's, but nothing bad this week thank heaven! 
Belly button in or out?:  Oh man, the top half pokes out, the bottom half is barely in...I think weekly belly button pictures would be just as entertaining as weekly bump pictures...
Any "pregnancy" moments?:  This week was scorching here in Idaho, there were a few days that I would feel 1000 degrees and be panting like a dog, so I would stand in front of a fan and eat a Popsicle, but before I could finish, I had the shivers and was running for a jacket.  I told Josh about it and he said: "so this is were the fun really starts!" 
Looking forward to:  Camping tomorrow, more movement and decorating the nursery!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

22 Weeks

How far along?:22 Weeks!  Little S weighs one whole pound!
Weight gain/loss: 7lbs.+
Symptoms: Round ligament pain, backache, nausea a couple times but other than that, I'm feeling great!
Maternity clothes?: Tummy sleeve, some tops and loving the leggings.
How is the sleep?: Fantastic!
Best moment this week?:  Found some steals on baby clothes!  Hearing Little S's heartbeat:) 
Told family and friends?:  Yep
Miss anything?:  No, I have decided that I love being pregnant:)  Let's see if I say that 18 weeks for now... ;)  But thus far, it has flown by and feels like the biggest miracle:)
Any movement?:  Tons, LOVE IT!
Cravings?:  TACOS.  Any guesses on what we are having for dinner tonight? ;) And strawberries.
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Not really, just get nauseous at random times or when I get hungry.
Have you started to show yet?:  Yes
Gender:  Sweet baby GIRL!
Any labor signs?:  Some scary Braxton Hicks this week, I have learned not to overdo it!
Belly button in or out?:  In Josh's words: "It's headin' out!"
Any "pregnancy" moments?:  Pregnancy bladder makes everything much more challenging.  Let's just say that coughing, laughing, sneezing, and puking all are much more exciting these days...
Looking forward to:  Decorating the nursery!  Seeing my sister and her family from NY next week! Meeting our Little S!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Pillowcase Dresses!

A few days ago, I found THIS  tutorial for making a little girl's dress from fat quarters and decided to try it out.  They provide a sizing guide so you can dress your little one at many different ages:


So, I made this dress:

And fell in love:)
So today, I wanted to make another, but with only two panels-one for front and one for back.
I used the chart above for the bottom panels (see tip below) and figured that for a dress for 6-12 months with only two panels, I would need two 13"X13" squares, two bottom panels, and one tie for around the neck.

Then to make the arm holes, I used the measurements provided (below) and cut out the four corners on the 13"X13" pieces to create arm holes.  The measurements for a 6-12 month dress were 3" across the top and 3 1/2" down the side.

Then the front and back panels should both look like this:

So now, fold where you just made your cuts in 1/4" and iron in place.

Then fold them over another 1/4", iron, pin, and sew in place.  Do this for all four arm hole diagonals.

Then for the casing for the tie around the neck, fold the top down 1/2", iron, and fold down another 1".  Iron, pin and sew into place.

 Now take the bottom panel and with right sides facing each other, pin in place at the bottom of the front and back panels.

I used a 3/8" seam, then finished the seam with a zig zag stitch.

For the bottom hem, I could not for the life of me, understand how they made it work with their measurements, so I modified the measurements and folded the bottom hem up 1", ironed, folded up another 1", ironed, pinned, and sewed into place.

When the hem was finished, I went back over the bottom panels and finished them off with a topstitch.  Mine measured at 1/8".

We are so close!  Now take your front piece and back piece and with right sides facing together, pin into place and sew down the sides with a3/8" seam again, finishing with zig zag stitches along the sides.

Flip the dress right side out and it should look something like this:

The tie is pretty self explanatory (see measurements below), but I took my long piece of fabric and cut the ends off at diagonals, folded all edges over 1/4", ironed, folded over another 1/4", ironed, pinned, and sewed into place.  Then thread the tie through the casing and you are done!

I cannot wait until our little girl can run around in these!  

Now for the tips and adjustments I made:

-For the bottom panels, I used pieces that were 5"X13"...I cannot figure out what they did with pieces that were 22" long, so if you figure it out, clue me in please!

-The arm measurements are as follows:
3m-12m 3" across top, 3 1/2" down sides.
12m-2T 3 1/2" across top, 4" down sides.
3T-4T 3 1/2" across top, 4 1/2" down sides.
5T-6T 3 1/2" across top, 5" down sides.

-The tie measurements that I used were 54"x4". The fat quarter dress that I made first had a thinner tie than I had hoped for, so I made it a little thicker and longer for the brown dress.

If you have any questions, let me know!
Hope you all have a wonderful day!