Tuesday, June 12, 2012

21 Weeks!

How far along?: 21 Weeks!  On the downhill slope!
Weight gain/loss:  7lbs. total as of yesterday.
Symptoms:  Achy back, random nausea...some awesome round ligament pain
Maternity clothes?:  Some tops, my tummy sleeve, leggings...my normal shirts are getting WAY too short...
How is the sleep?: Wonderful! Lovin' the body pillow!  
Best moment this week?:  We saw baby girl's kicks from the outside for 30 minutes straight!  
Told family and friends?:  Yep
Miss anything?:  Not much...so thankful for our little girl!
Any movement?:  Holy cow YES!  Love every minute!  It really is the best part of pregnancy!
Cravings?:  Tacos, Raisin Bran, pizza Pringles...
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  We went to Fiesta Ole to get some tacos, and got some of those tasty cinnamon sugar chips...they were way too much for me!  I forgot how unpleasant it was to lose your lunch:(
Have you started to show yet?:  Yes
Gender:  Sweet baby GIRL!
Any labor signs?:  Nope! Just some Braxton Hick's
Belly button in or out?:  The bottom half is in, but the top half is flat...it looks so funny!
Any "pregnancy" moments?:  Lately in our house, we are fascinated with every new bump and wiggle from our little one!  The other night, she started kicking and punching and I could see my tummy getting pushed out so I called Josh over and we watched for a good 30 minutes!  It was amazing!  We are so thankful she is growing strong and healthy!  What a beautiful, delicate, miracle pregnancy is. We can't help but feel so incredibly blessed.
Looking forward to:  Seeing and feeling more movement!  The second half of pregnancy, decorating the nursery!  And yes, I do have some crafts to show you!

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