Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Mid-pregnancy Must Haves

This is mostly for my future reference, but I thought I would share some of my "must haves" thus far in pregnancy. Enjoy;)

-Body Pillow: WHAT A LIFE/SLEEPSAVER!  I started having some crazy backaches and hip pain around 16 weeks and really debated getting a body pillow.  I heard they worked wonders, but I could have never imagined until I tried one!  I love that thing, Josh gets a little jealous I think because now I snuggle with my pillow more than him:(  He has lovingly named it "The Log" because it has a brown pillowcase...deep down I know he loves it too...especially because he steals it from me in my sleep;)

-Tumbler:  My wonderful doctor has not been impressed with my water intake:(  So, I found a cute tumbler on sale and it really does help! I guess it's the same concept as "red cars go faster because they are red."  "You will drink more out of a cute tumbler than a regular cup."  See? Pure logic:)

-Fetal Doppler:  I am a worry wart.  The worst kind too.  I had heard about fetal dopplers online and didn't want to buy one, but then both Josh and I thought it would be a good idea to find a deal on one and get it to give us some peace of mind.  I am so thankful that we did!  Ours is great and we have been able to hear Little S's heartbeat since 10 weeks.  We got the Sonoline B for a steal of a deal. I would definitely recommend getting one if you worry like I do!

-Palmer's Cocoa Butter:  My mom didn't get stretch marks and neither did my sisters, they say they are genetic but I figure I will do everything to prevent them so if I am the lucky one who gets them, I will know they aren't preventable.  Plus, this stuff smells SO GOOD and makes your tummy feel great!

-Prenatal Yoga:  This was great for the tailbone pain, and now it is just fun!  I found my video for cheap on Amazon, the lady that does it is kinda nutty, but her awesome flexibility makes up for that and then some!

-Tummy Sleeve: Also a lifesaver!  I just slap this puppy on over my unzipped pants and it works wonders!  I love that they are so stretchy and look just like an undershirt!

-String Cheese: I haven't been able to get enough of this!  Plus, it's loaded with protein and calcium.  Delish.

-One-A-Day Prenatals: I have mentioned that these sometimes smell crazy, but they never once made me nauseous because of the iron in them!  And they are usually on sale so we love them over here:)

-Peppermint:  This is one thing that helped my morning sickness a ton!  I would just suck on these and they worked pretty quick. The trick was after you finished on the sickness would come back.  But they were great!  I would take them to church and meetings and suck on them when I couldn't be crunching my saltines.

-Ginger Ale: I was also skeptical of this, but when my morning sickness started around 6 weeks, I would sip on some Ginger Ale and it helped SO MUCH!  It got me through weeks 6-12! Now, I think it might make me hurl, but it worked wonders and I will for sure drink it again next time!

-Last but not least, my sweet husband!:  I can't say enough about Josh!  He has been so wonderfully supportive and loving!  From satisfying my cravings, to rubbing my back when I felt nauseous, to talking to Little S and giving me blessings on rough days, this guy is amazing.  I can't believe how much we have grown together and fallen more in love every day!  Thank you Josh!

Once again, this is mostly for my future reference, so thank you for reading! 
Craft coming soon!


Janna said...

I would have loved a doppler while I was pregnant, mainly with my twins. Desiree never moved.
<3 your blog

Megan @ Meg's Craft Creations said...

That would drive me crazy especially when you knew Devin was moving! Yikes...I would be a basketcase without one that's for sure... Thanks Janna!