Wednesday, July 25, 2012

27 Weeks, and HUGE Nursery Update!

How far along?: 27 Weeks!  Little S is TWO whole pounds!
Weight gain/loss: up 11 lbs. as of two weeks ago, official weigh-in next Monday...
Symptoms: This week we hit a wall and had a whole slew of new symptoms:(  Backache like I have been having, heartburn, splitting headaches, and rib pain...but she is SO worth it.  It is incredible how much you can love someone and sacrifice so much when you haven't even met!
Maternity clothes?:  Oh yes, just tops and tummy sleeve...debating weather to cave and buy some pants...
How is the sleep?:  Still sleeping great! 
Best moment this week?: Josh coming home from work and after a hug and a kiss for me, a kiss and a raspberry on my tummy for Little S:)  And realizing this is my last week of the second trimester!  Home stretch here we come!
Told family and friends?:  Yes
Miss anything?: Still just miss using my abs
Movement?:  Lots and lots!  I woke up the other night and as I was falling asleep thought "why can I feel my heartbeat in my tummy?"  Then I realized it was her sweet hiccups and just laid there with my hand on my stomach feeling the little thump, thump, thump...falling asleep to her hiccups was wonderful:)
Cravings?:  Anything cinnamon, and fruit!
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Lately, I have been waking up feeling sick so I just grab a couple crackers and feel just fine until breakfast:) 
Have you started to show yet?:  Yes
Gender:  Sweet baby GIRL!
Any labor signs?:  Braxton Hicks nothing scary though
Belly button in or out?: Starting to poke out!
Any "pregnancy" moments?:  Working on the nursery like a crazy woman!  Tearing up in the car for no apparent reason...more on that later.
Looking forward to:   Scheduling our 3D ultrasound next week! 

And now, for the nursery update!
This is my view from down the hall into Little S's room:

I just love seeing color up on the walls!
Now for the crib, we are still in love with the white crib we found weeks ago, so adding color is easy and lots of fun!

Her initials will be S.J.P...obviously, but I started monogramming, and painted the little love birds from an idea I found on Pinterest.  The top frame holds a paisley pattern I fell in love with.

See that Bird Mobile?
I drool at it!  Found the tutorial HERE, it is pretty self explanatory, but I just picked out some scrap fabric I had collecting dust and using THIS TEMPLATE, I traced the bird shapes.  Cut those shapes out, and then sew them up leaving the raw edge out.  I found it easiest to sew them together by first starting with the sides and sewing them to the belly, then sew on the top of the head, then stuff them and stitch up from the back of the neck, to the tail feathers.

Love it:)
Then, Josh's mom so kindly offered to make the bedding for the crib, way too nice of her!  She does amazing work with the sewing machine and I can't believe how beautiful the bedding turned out!

I swoon over those silly birds on the fabric:)  They look so happy!

Speaking of Josh's mom...

Yep, she made the car seat cover as well!  She is good!
And for the changing table/dresser/bookshelf wall:

We have had this dresser for a while and weren't using it for anything besides holding a lamp and some vases, so Josh brought it down the stairs one night all by himself:)  Then after three coats of white paint and lots of ventilation, I turned it from black to white!

The changing pad cover is found HERE, mine is the changing pad in coral, she also does nursing or boppy pillow covers and has tons of colors to choose from. Shipping was fast, the quality seems really good, and the price was well worth it!

Remember when I used to paint?  Forever ago? Well I broke out the paints again last week and painted some poppies to brighten up the wall above the changing pad.  Still deciding what else to hang up there, but this was a good start!
In the basket next to the changing pad, I put some lotion, A&D ointment, and a jar to hold Q-tips, leaving just enough space to put some diapers in the basket as well:) 

Josh's parents also had a rocking chair they weren't using, so they so kindly gave it to us!
And white it became:)

Did you see that banner hanging  above the window? 
It was so easy!  Just cut out some triangles from fabric or paper, sew along the outside edges, and arrange them in the pattern you want.
I found some 2.5" thick ribbon and folded the edges in to the center line, then folded it in half again and ironed it.  Tuck the triangles into the fold where you want them and pin each one in place leaving enough space on each end to tie up.  Then sew along the open edge of the ribbon to secure the triangles.

And to hang behind the rocking chair:

Like the song!  My parents always sang that to us and can't wait to sing it to Little S:)
One thing that has a little corner of my heart is the bassinet my dad made for me and my siblings to sleep in as newborns:

I can't wait for our little girl to use it too!  It will be perfect until she is big enough and graduates to her crib:)

And last but not least, some of my favorite outfits we have found:

I die over the little jeggings!  Her bum really will be that small?! :)  

Whew!  I am out of breath from typing.
The nursery still has a long way to go, but I am so glad to be preparing already!
We feel so blessed to be in the position to prepare for her arrival, yesterday I was driving home from getting groceries and couldn't help but break down and tear up from feeling so blessed to have our little one on the way!  We can't wait!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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