Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pregnancy Thoughts

Pregnancy is not for sissies.
It is hard, and stressful, and sometimes just plain exhausting.
You don't feel like yourself, you don't look like yourself, and sometimes, you definitely don't act like yourself.
There are days that are harder than others and stress levels rise as patience drops.
There are nights where sleep is uncomfortable and hard to come by.
There are moments when you cry for no reason, or just sit and daydream about what your little bundle will look or act like.

Pregnancy is emotionally so, so hard.  From the moment we found out about our Little S, our minds and hearts have constantly been filled with worry.  I never knew how much my parents worried about me, but I never expected to worry this much.  It gets tiring and makes the days drag on.  It makes the lump in your throat form when you see your doctor's number on the caller ID.  Pregnancy makes you hormonal and emotional...a double edged sword...husbands know.

Pregnancy brings fear, fear for your baby, fear that you will never get your pre-baby body back, fear that you won't be good enough or that you will fail as a parent.

Pregnancy is a time to forget yourself, your pant size, your comfort, and realize that you are doing something much greater for someone that you never thought you could love so much.  It is a time to remember how blessed we are.

Pregnancy is a time above all else, to be thankful.

Thankful for the kicks that keep you up at night or the pounds that congregate.
Thankful for the ability your body has to create something so wonderful.
Thankful for the backaches that mean your little one is growing.
Thankful for your husband who shows you just how much he loves not only you, but your sweet little angel.
Thankful for technology and wonderful Doctors that take such good care of us.
Thankful for the ability to create life.
Thankful for the tiny diapers and socks.
Thankful for the sweet blessing inside you.

As I move into the "uncomfortable stage," I know it is going to get harder and harder to appreciate the little things about pregnancy like the kicks and hiccups, but I have promised myself (and made Josh promise me too) that I won't let myself lose sight of this beautiful gift of being pregnant.  I know I will miss it.  That makes me so sad because I still feel like we are staring at that second pink line that cold, February night.  The time flew.  And it is still flying.  And I know without a doubt in my mind, that even though I cannot wait for our little girl's arrival, I will miss being pregnant.

So, for the last 9 weeks this go-around, this Momma will be trying her hardest to be thankful for all the aches and pains, thankful for our Little S and the miracle that she is in our lives.  We know and realize over and over every day that she is a sweet gift from our Heavenly Father and feel so blessed that He has chosen us to be her parents.

Each day that passes is one more day that she gets to grow and become stronger.  Each day is a blessing, even though each day the aches get achier and the pains get more painful.

Sweet Little S, you are so worth it.

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