Friday, September 21, 2012

35 Weeks!

How far along?: 35 Weeks! Now, less than 35 days to go!
Weight gain/loss: Up 21 lbs. as of last Monday.
Symptoms:  Backache? GONE! My chiropractor is a miracle worker!  That was such a blessing to go to him!  Whatever he did, it worked!  Now just achy ribs when baby girl pushes up on them...maybe she is trying to break out of there? ;) Heartburn that comes and goes but nothing bad.
Maternity clothes?:  Tops and tummy sleeve! Still in my pre-pregnancy jeans and I have decided against maternity jeans this late in the game...that being said: I can't wait to do up my pants again! 
How is the sleep?:  It is WONDERFUL.  Thank you Mr. Chiropractor:)
Best moment this week?:  Feeling really prepared for baby girl's arrival!  The biggest thing on our list of "to do's" is probably make freezer meals for after her arrival...
Told family and friends?: Yes
Miss anything?: Moving/walking/laying/sitting normally...
Movement?:  Lots and lots of movement!  Hiccups several times/day and we love it!  Poor thing is probably getting really ready to stretch those legs of hers!
Cravings?: Fruit, hot cocoa, and tacos again...
Anything make you queasy or sick?:  Still just being hungry
Have you started to show yet?:  Yes
Gender:  Sweet baby GIRL!
Any labor signs?: Braxton Hicks that come more frequently but nothing serious
Belly button in or out?: Out!
Any "pregnancy" moments?:  Laying in bed for a couple hours the other night just thinking about life with our Little S:)  I can't believe how much we love her already!
Looking forward to: Meeting our little girl!  Beyond ready to hold her!

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such a cute bump!

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