Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dear Little S...

Little S,

Your Dad and I are so excited to meet you!  Your due date was two days ago, but I guess you are way too cozy in there:)  I will have to lay off the treats I guess.  My body hasn't quite figured out the labor thing yet, but this Sunday, October 28th, we will go in and help it along.  Momma doesn't know if she can handle these on-off contractions much longer:(  The Dr. says you sound healthy and strong and you are growing like a weed! 
These last nine months have been incredibly for our little family.  You will never know how much we already love you and how we have hoped, wished, dreamed, and prayed about you.  Maybe someday when you have a little one of your own, (if we ever let you date that is) you will understand what our love for you is like.  You have already changed our lives for the better and you aren't even here yet!
We can't wait to see your chubby cheeks, feel your spirit, learn your personality, kiss your toes and most of all, have you in our arms where we know you are okay.
So sweet girl, soak up these last 2.5 days, because I know I am.

Love, Momma

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Anonymous said...

You are the best mother in the world and we love you more than anything!!!